SFF to Honor Yuri’s Night, NanoRacks and Rand Simberg at Gala

SFF PR – Silicon Valley, CA – The Space Frontier Foundation is proud to honor this year’s movers and shakers in the NewSpace industry. These brilliant award winners represent the best of commercial space business, entertainment, and media. Their awards will be presented at the NewSpace Awards Gala, where the NewSpace Business Plan Competition and We-Are-Space Video Contest winners will also be announced. The Gala is on Saturday night, July 30th, at the DoubleTree Hotel in San Jose, CA, and we hope you will join us in celebrating these stars.

Tickets are limited and available for purchase online now. The Gala is a highlight of the NewSpace 2011 Conference. Conference panels will take place at the NASA Ames Research Center in Silicon Valley, CA on July 28-30. Please view the full description of the awards and winner online.

Here are the 2011 NewSpace Award Winners! Drumroll, please…

Yuri’s Night

Best Presentation of Space

Their World Space Party inspired people around the globe and celebrated humanity’s first foray into space with panache! The Presentation of Space Award is given to those who have created an outstanding presentation of the past and future of space endeavors that inform and enlighten the public.

Live Free or Die Trying (Troy Rising) by John Ringo
Vision of the Future Award

John Ringo’s space opera is an engaging tale of heroism that shows a future where the vision of the Space Frontier Foundation is embraced. This award is for future-oriented entertainment and media projects primarily from the science fiction genre that best present the possibilities of the space frontier to the public.

Vision to Reality Award

Nanoracks is a fantastic model for a successful commercial space company, and they are showing that beneficial science and profit can go hand in hand. Their research modules are flying on the ISS and their business is strong back on earth. The SFF also salutes their slogan, “Space for Everyone.” The Vision to Reality Award is for the development and operation of a device, system, or entity that forwards the opening of the space frontier.

Rand Simberg and his YouTube Channel
NewSpace Journalism Award

An original on the NewSpace scene, Simberg has found yet another way to talk about space. In his YouTube videos he explains space policy and the ridiculousness of current space debates in an entertaining and irreverent way. The NewSpace Journalism Award is for outstanding achievement in journalism that is NewSpace focused.

Ryan Stuit and Kyle Schember of InSpace
Service to the Frontier Award

New to the SFF, the InSpace pair has already made an impact on the Foundation’s media offerings by creating inspiring NewSpace Conference artwork and two videos, Space for the People and The Future of Space. The Service to the Frontier Award is given by fellow advocates to one of their own that have shown outstanding achievement in volunteer service to the Foundation.

Purchase tickets for the NewSpace Awards Gala today! For more about the conference and information on the group rate at the DoubleTree Hotel, visit newspace.spacefrontier.org. Follow @NewSpaceCon on Twitter for the latest updates and invite your colleagues.