Anatomy of a CCDev Bid: SNC’s Dream Chaser

Sierra Nevada Corporation’s Dream Chaser, which received $80 million under NASA’s CCDev program, is an interesting collaboration of NewSpace, Big Rocket and academia. The team members and their roles:

  • Sierra Nevada Corporation – In addition to coordinating and managing the team, SNC will manage all internal systems, propulsion, structure, and launch vehicle.
  • Adam Works – Assist SNC in structural fabrication using our combined composite manufacturing capabilities.
  • Aerojet – Development of the main RCS. Draper Lab, with unparalleled GN&C experience, will lead orbital GN&C development.
  • Boeing – Provide expertise in lifting body spacecraft including analysis, avionics, GN&C, software, and flight control.
  • Draper Laboratory – will lead orbital GN&C development.
  • NASA Langley Research Center – adds expertise in HL-20 analysis and modeling.
  • MDA – The U.S. component of MDA will provide launch vehicle structural interface, communication and separation systems, and systems engineering services.
  • SAS – Assist CU with displays and controls layout and evaluations and refine the integrated system Human Rating Plan.
  • United Launch Alliance – ULA has been on our team for more than 4 years; jointly collaborating on an integrated launch vehicle (LV) stack that rapidly brings a safe, reliable, and cost-effective commercial CTS to the LEO market. ULA will assist SNC with integrated aerodynamics and risk retirement.
  • United Space Alliance – USA will use their extensive Shuttle experience to provide operations and software development support.
  • University of Colorado – CU will conduct displays and controls layout and evaluations and refine the integrated system Human Rating Plan, with assistance from SAS.
  • Virgin Galactic – SNC and Virgin Galactic are working together to plan for global marketing, sales, and commercial operation of the orbital Dream Chaser.

Source: NASA/Sierra Nevada Space Act Agreement