Finally! Blue Origin’s Orbital Vehicle Revealed

Here’s an image of Blue Origin’s orbital vehicle from the CCDev 2 Space Act Agreement. Some key details:

  • biconic in shape
  • 7 passengers
  • crew and cargo to ISS
  • independent commercial flights for science, adventure and trips to other orbital destinations
  • 210 day (7 month) ISS lifeboat capability.
  • initial launch on Atlas V but designed for multiple rockets
  • later launches on Blue Origin’s reusable booster that will use “deep-throttling, restartable engines to perform vertical take-off, vertical landing (VTVL) maneuvers for booster recovery and reuse.”

  • Produce more, add more seats for 8, 9 passengers? winged re entry for capsule.
    add Cargo module above Main engine module for more use to ISS.
    Test mockup at KSC FL, JPL CA, Manned Space TX, with Public.
    PR on Science Channel.

  • Thomas Boomer

    Wave magic wand. Instantly produce single stage to orbit winged vehicle with warp drive. Add a nacelles for warp drive. Develop directed energy weapon. Develop artificial gravity too. Oh yeah and transporter would be nice.

    Seriously though, is there a prototype yet or is this still in the design phase?