Space Access ’11 Schedule

The latest update from Henry Vanderbilt….

Space Access ’11 will once again be an intensive, informal event, focused closely on the business, technology, and politics of radically cheaper space transportation. We’ve been running these Space Access conferences since the early nineties, and the audience tends to contain a high proportion of people working in the field on the entrepreneurial startup company end of things. To a considerable extent, our conference has been an incubator of that entrepreneurial end of things. And if you still can’t make up your mind whether it’s worth your attending, see the latest updated SA’11 Conference Schedule below.

Space Access ’11 sessions will run Thursday afternoon April 7th through Saturday evening April 9th 2011. Conference registration is $100 in advance, $120 at the door ($30 student rate either way, day rates available at the door), and we’re only set up to accept credit cards at the door – you need to mail us a check or money order for advance registration. Include your name, the affiliation (if any) you want listed on your badge, and your email address, make the check out to “Space Access ’11”, and mail it to Space Access ’11, PO Box 16034, Phoenix AZ 85011. (Pre-registrations must arrive by Tuesday April 5th at the latest.)

The schedule is after the break.

Space Access ’11 Preliminary Schedule 03/29/11

– Thursday April 7th, sessions 1:30 pm – ~10 pm
– Friday April 8th, sessions 9 am – ~10 pm
– Saturday April 9th, sessions 9 am – ~6 pm (Hospitality open till late)

Thursday April 7th

noonish – Registration and Hospitality open
1:30 pm Henry Vanderbilt, Space Access Society, with Announcements, and A Quick Welcome
1:35 pm Henry Spencer, on Destinations (and Pit Stops) Beyond LEO
2:35 pm Dennis Stone/NASA, with a COTS/CCDev update
3:20 pm Students for the Exploration and Development of Space/Sara Meschberger
3:30 pm Break
4 pm Orbital Outfitters/Jeff Feige
4:20 pm SpaceX/Gwynne Shotwell
5:10 pm Misuzu Onuki, on Japanese Space Activities, including commercial and media
5:30 pm Gary Hudson, on t/Space’s CCDEV2 proposal
6 pm Dinner Break
8 pm James Reuther/NASA, on NASA Space Technology Roadmaps And The Shape Of Future NASA
8:45 pm George Herbert, on An In-Situ Resources Manufacturing Proof-Of-Concept
9:05 pm Gary Hudson, on “It’s A Trap!” Monopsony and NewSpace
9:30 pm SpeedUp/Bob Steinke
9:45 pm Alex Bruccoleri, on Propellant Density Effects on Hydrogen Thermal Rockets
10 pm Doug Jones, on Reusable Launch System Architecture Optimization
10:10 pm

Friday April 8th

9 am XCOR Aerospace/Jeff Greason
9:50 am XCOR Educational Outreach/Terri Carroll
10 am Rick Wills, on REFPROP
10:20 am Microlaunchers/Charles Pooley
10:30 am Break
11 am Frontier Astronautics/Timothy Bendel
11:30 am Space Frontier Foundation/Ryan McLinko
11:45 am ISP Systems/Max Vozoff
12:15 pm Tethers Unlimited/Gerry Nordley
12:30 pm Lunch Break
2 pm Max Vozoff, on A Model for Successful Commercial Crew Procurement
2:40 pm Stellar Exploration Ltd/Tomas Svitek
3 pm Garvey Spacecraft/John Garvey
3:30 pm Break
4 pm FAA AST/Mike Kelly
4:45 pm Altius Space Machines/Jon Goff
5:15 pm Team Prometheus/Monroe King
5:35 pm NanoRacks/Rich Pournelle
5:50 pm Rick Tumlinson/Texas Space Alliance
6 pm Dinner Break
8 pm Bruce Pittman/NASA Ames Space Portal
8:20 pm Masten Space Systems/Dave Masten
9 pm Keith Henson, on High Volume/Low Cost Bases On New Semiconductor Lasers
9:20 pm Osa Fitch, on The Rocket Test Co.
9:40 pm StratoFox/Ian Kluft
10 pm David Luther, on LEAP: Launcher Evolution Advanced Prototype
10:10 pm

Saturday April 9th

9 am Charles Miller/NASA, on Propellant Depot Progress & Market Implications
9:45 am Reaction Engines/Roger Longstaff
10:15 am KC Space Pirates/Frank Smith
10:30 am Break
11 am Jim Muncy, on Some Relevant Government-Industry Interactions
11:40 am Armadillo Aerospace/John Carmack
12:30 pm Lunch Break
2 pm Unreasonable Rocket/Paul Breed
2:30 pm Space Studies Institute/Lee Valentine
2:40 pm Panel: “Gagarin Plus Fifty, Tito Plus Ten – What Next? Three Views” – Jeff Foust, Clark Lindsey, Douglas Messier
3:30 pm Break
4 pm Sugar Shot To Space/Rick Maschek
4:25 pm Joe Lee, on An Open Source Launch Vehicle Project
4:45 pm Donovan Chipman, on Mars To Go: A Minimal Manned Mars Sample Return Mission
5 pm Panel: “NASA Reform: The Art Of The Possible” – Jim Muncy, Rand Simberg, Henry Spencer, Henry Vanderbilt
6 pm Dinner & Rocket-Margarita Break, AKA formal conference ends and we get down to the evening’s business