Florida Today to Congress: Do Your #$!!~ Job!

Florida Today has a great editorial about NASA’s sad plight. The space agency must pay through the nose to the Russians for human space transport but lacks proper funding to field an alternative due to Congressional ineptitude:

The fastest way to do that and end the dependence is for Congress to stop its endless fighting and reach a sensible compromise on a federal spending and deficit reduction plan that has Republicans and Democrats locked in trench warfare.

Congress still hasn’t passed a budget for fiscal year 2011, and with it $200 million in seed money for NASA to have U.S. companies develop space taxi services centered at Cape Canaveral.

Meanwhile, NASA’s proposed 2012 budget calls for another $800 million to boost the firms — money at risk as Republicans eye deep budget cuts….

Members of Congress can complain all they want about the Russians, and attack the White House, but they are the ones holding the next generation of spaceflight hostage.

They should end their posturing and act.

Amen to that.