Informed Consent Measure Advances in Texas, Delegation Lobbies Florida Legislature

Vehicle Assembly Building at Kennedy Space Center

In Texas, an informed consent bill that would require spaceflight participants to sign waivers acknowledging the risks they face has passed the Senate by a 31-0 bill. The measure, which now heads to the House, gives commercial space operators protections from being sued in the event of injuries or deaths resulting from flights.

Meanwhile, Apollo moon walker Charlie Duke and shuttle astronaut Kay Hire were part of a 70-member delegation that descended upon Tallahassee yesterday to lobby for more financial and legislative support for the Florida Space Coast’s ailing economy.

The group lobbied lawmakers in favor of Space Florida’s $10 million budget and a series of incentives intended to lure new businesses to the state, which faces massive layoffs as a result of the end of NASA’s space shuttle program. The fate of those measures remain uncertain as the Legislature struggles to close a $3.6 billion budget shortfall.