TripAlertz Takes Groupon Approach to Lynx Space Flights

Out-Of-This-World Deal: TripAlertz Offers Space Flight
The Wall Street Journal

TripAlertz Inc. emerges from stealth mode this week, promoting a flight to space which executives hope will launch the start-up to cosmic growth.

Founded last year and seeded by Conscious Living Ventures, White Elm Capital, and a handful of angel investors, TripAlertz is a Groupon for travel with a thick layer of social networking on top. The more people who sign up, the cheaper the hotel, cruise or other deal becomes.

In the case of the space trip – a 30 minute journey to the edge of space for which XCOR Aerospace Inc. plans to charge $95,000 – the price drops to $85,000 once 10 or more people sign up. Unlike Groupon, there’s no limit to the number of people who can participate in the deal.

In its push to build a critical mass of users quickly, TripAlertz will buy one of those trips and award it to a registered user. Every time a person spends a dollar or refers a friend it counts as an entry into the space trip sweepstakes.

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