Space Access Society Gears Up for Annual Conference

A note from Space Access Society’s Henry Vanderbilt:

Space Access ’11, our next annual conference is coming up in two months. SA’11 will once again be a small, intensive, informal conference, focused closely on the business, technology, and politics of radically cheaper space transportation. We’ve been running these Space Access conferences since the early nineties, and the audience tends to contain a high proportion of people working in the field on the entrepreneurial startup company end of things.  (To a considerable extent, our conference has been an incubator of that entrepreneurial end of things.)

Space Access ’11 sessions will run Thursday afternoon April 7th through Saturday evening April 9th 2011. The conference will once again take place at the Grace Inn in Phoenix Arizona. We’ve negotiated a discount hotel room rate of $79 a night single or double, hot breakfast buffet included, call 800 843-6010 or 480 893-3000 for reservations, and mention “Space Access” for our discount room rate.

SA’11 conference registration is $100 in advance ($120 at the door), and we’re only set up to accept credit cards at the door – you need to mail us a check or money order for advance registration. Include your name, the affiliation (if any) you want listed on your badge, and your email address, make the check out to “Space Access ’11”, and mail it to Space Access ’11, PO Box 16034, Phoenix AZ 85011.

Confirmed SA’11 speakers and presentations so far:

  • Altius Space Machines/Jon Goff
  • Armadillo Aerospace/John Carmack
  • Copenhagen Suborbital/Peter Madsen
  • Osa Fitch, on The Rocket Test Co.
  • Jeff Foust
  • Frontier Astronautics/Timothy Bendel
  • Keith Henson, on High Volume/Low Cost Bases On New Semiconductor Lasers
  • George Herbert, on An In-Situ Resources Manufacturing Proof-Of-Concept
  • Gary Hudson, on t/Space’s CCDEV2 proposal, and on “It’s A Trap!” Monopsony and NewSpace
  • Clark Lindsey
  • David Luther, on LEAP
  • Masten Space Systems/Dave Masten
  • Jim Muncy/PoliSpace
  • NASA/Charles Miller
  • Misuzu Onuki, on Japanese Space Activities, including commercial and media
  • Team Prometheus/Monroe King
  • Rand Simberg
  • SpeedUp/Bob Steinke
  • Henry Spencer
  • StratoFox/Ian Kluft
  • Unreasonable Rocket/Paul Breed
  • Rick Wills, on REFPROP
  • XCOR Aerospace