New Governor Cuts Space Florida’s Budget

Florida’s new governor has pitched a curve ball at Space Florida’s efforts to attract business to the Sunshine State:

Funding for Space Florida to improve infrastructure and offer incentives to help lure business to the area would drop significantly under Gov. Rick Scott’s proposed budget for the 2011-12 fiscal year.

But the agency would compete for a pool of incentive and development funds the governor plans to consolidate, possibly allowing it to recoup some or all of the agency’s proposed $21 million cut, a state lawmaker said…

Overall, the total budget for the state’s aerospace economic development agency would be cut by two-thirds, from $31 million to $10 million, according to the agency.

Money for day-to-day operations, work force development and general business development would remain flat, at $3.8 million, $3.2 million and $3 million, respectively.

Space Florida’s budget went up dramatically last year with the addition of $11 million for launch pad improvements and another $10 million for financial incentives to lure companies to the Space Coast. The governor would fold that funding into a general fund.