Perminov Sees International Human Mars Mission in 2035 Using Nuclear Propulsion

Roscosmos Head Anatoly Perminov


Mission to Mars shall be implemented under international cooperation, Roscosmos Head Anatoly Perminov stated, answering the questions from the Twitter in Echo-Moscow web.

“No country is able of performing Martian mission by its own in the nearest future. That’s an issue of propulsion. In our program, we have human flight to Mars no earlier than 2035. On the other hand, advanced nuclear propulsion can be developed in 8 years or so, provided necessary funding. With this system, you can get to Mars in about 90 days,” Roscosmos head said.

Advanced nuclear propulsion of mega-watt class may be available in 6-9 years, provided necessary funding, Perminov stated. Advanced nuclear propulsion system is currently in its draft design stage. Several countries have revealed their interest towards the system. Roscosmos considers the opportunities for international cooperation in the project.

“The advanced nuclear propulsion will be a breakthrough in the space industry,” Roscosmos Head believes.

Talking about space tourism, he noted that only Soyuz today provides real opportunity for touristic space missions.

“With my greatest respect towards Mr. Branson, I have to emphasize that his SpaceShip has not delivered/returned any human to space so far… Soyuz is the only real vehicle for space tourists today,” Perminov said, adding that Soyuz won’t be available for tourist for 2-3 years, as Russia is committed to maintain crew rotations in the ISS program.

“That’s a difficult task… Soyuz has no backup,” Roscosmos Head said.