Homans Disputes Gov. Martinez’s Claims He Was Uncooperative

Former New Mexico Spaceport Authority Executive Director Rick Homans has fired back at Gov. Susana Martinez’s claim that he was uncooperative with her transition team:

In your Sunday story, Governor Martinez declares that the Board of the New Mexico Spaceport Authority and me, its Executive Director, withheld information from her and the transition team.

This allegation is wholly untruthful.

In fact, I responded completely and timely to all requests for information and even sought out members of the new Administration to provide briefings and documents.

I was thanked for my responsiveness by Mr. Sherman McCorkle, Chairman of the Spaceport Transition Team, Mr. Jon Barela, Secretary-designate of the Department of Economic Development (EDD), and Rick May, Secretary-designate of the Department of Finance and Administration (DFA).

Rather than accuse me of improper activity as an excuse for her wholesale firing of the leadership of the NMSA, I would prefer it if Governor Martinez were honest and just said she wanted a change at the NMSA. Period.

You can read Homan’s full response in the comments section here.