Mexico’s Space Agency to Meet to Define National Space Policy Press Release

Puerto Vallarta will host the fourth work session to define Mexico’s Space Policy to be carried out by the newly formed Mexico’s Space Agency. Puerto Vallarta’s sessions will take place January 28-29 at the Puerto Vallarta Convention Center. Find out who is the leading contender to direct the new Space Agency and what the Space Agency task force is looking to accomplish in Puerto Vallarta at .

About Mexico’s Space Agency

Mexico’s Space Agency is a new division of Mexico’s Ministry of Communications and Transportation with oversight responsibility for Radio, Television, Telephony, Railways, Highways, Maritime Ports, Airlines and Airports.

Congress passed a law creating the Space Agency and appointing a task force to define its roles and scope. Mexico’s Space Agency still lacks a Director and a meaningful budget pending the findings of four space policy public forums which finalize next week in Puerto Vallarta. The other three sessions were held in Queretaro, Baja California and Hidalgo.

What is at Stake During the Forums?

The presenters at the space policy forums are jockeying for position to advance their agendas and locations into Mexico’s Space Agency Policies. One of the decisions expected from these forums are the location of Mexico’s Space Agency sites. The anticipated economic benefits to the chosen locations are significant because the Space Agency will attract highly-skilled, high-paying jobs. Mexico’s Space Agency is giving priority to locations with universities, private aerospace industry and research centers nearby.

The states identified as top contenders include Nuevo Leon, Queretaro, Puebla and Jalisco. reported that Jalisco’s Governor, Emilio Gonzalez Marquez, offered to contribute MX$100-million to attract one of the space center sites to Puerto Vallarta’s home state.

Expected Results From the Forum in Puerto Vallarta

The main focus of the Puerto Vallarta Forum is to review human resource requirements for Mexico’s Space Agency. The goal of the forum is to match the human skills to the technical requirements of Mexico’s Space Agency’s primary projects and areas of investment.

Subsequent Report to Congress

After the Puerto Vallarta Forum there will be a final closed-door forum to consolidate the findings of the four forums. This results forum will take place in March in Mexico City with the objective to create a draft of Mexico’s space policy and development plan to present to legislators for further review, discussion and budget allocation.

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