Energia Pleased With 2010, Looks Ahead to Busy New Year

A Russian Soyuz spacecraft in orbit

Dec. 30, 2010

An enlarged Board of Directors meeting was held at S.P. Korolev Rocket and Space Corporation Energia, where the President and General Designer of the Corporation V.A. Lopota reviewed the company performance in 2010 and set tasks for 2011.

The corporation has fulfilled its annual work plan, including an intensive plan of activities under International Space Station Program including the launch of four manned spacecraft Soyuz TMA and the launch of Russian research module Rassvet. Flight tests of the new-series Soyuz TMA spacecraft has begun. Three upper stages of the Block DM type have been built and delivered for launching navigation satellites under Glonass program. Work has been continuing on the development of unmanned spacecraft and systems for various customers.

There are plans to launch to ISS in the new year four Soyuz TMA spacecraft and six Progress spacecraft. The active phase will begin in the efforts to develop the multipurpose laboratory module and the node module of the Russian Segment of the space station (to be launched in 2012), to support the integration with the Russian Segment of the European logistics spacecraft ATV-2 and deliver Russian systems for ATV-4. The launches of Block DM type upper stages will continue to support the orbital insertion of spacecraft under government and commercial programs. There are plans to resume the launches under the Sea Launch program by the of 2011. The work will continue on the development of unmanned spacecraft for various applications and on adapting launchers to them.

To be developed and released is the documentation for engineering design of the first phase of the new-generation space transportation system, and preliminary design of scientific and power module for ISS. Also continuing are other advanced research and development efforts in the fields of unmanned and manned systems, transportation-and-power module with megawatt-class nuclear power unit, their launch vehicles and associated ground and space infrastructure.

The Corporation President and General Designer also reported the work done in 2010 to provide social security, housing and medical support to the employees and veterans of the company and the tasks for the new year. He noted positive results achieved in these areas, and expressed his confidence that objectives in these areas would be met.

V.A. Lopota pointed out that achieving the stated objectives would require of the employees of the Corporation and its affiliates maximal efforts, complete devotion and responsibility, taking into account lessons learned from experience of the past year, and assuring proper coordination with the partners.

In conclusion the President and General Designer of the Corporation wished his audience and all the employees of the Corporation a happy New Year, good health, new creative successes and interesting work.