Giving Muslims a Spaceport of Their Own…in British Columbia

B.C. Spaceport Campaign Launched
CBC News

The head of the Muhammad Institute for Space Science, dedicated to putting the Islamic world back at the forefront of scientific discovery, wants to build a space-launch facility in Canada.

Redouane Al Fakir’s goal has been to return Muslims to the place of pride they held, centuries ago, as world leaders in astronomy.

He says he’s secured $250,000 in startup money from overseas and has begun an international fundraising drive to raise the estimated $100 million it would take to build the facility.

Al Fakir recently travelled to Doha, Qatar, to talk with officials close to the government about his plans. He says he’s excited about the support he’s received.

“I was happily surprised to discover that they were very enthusiastic about doing that kind of thing,” he said.

Aside from Qatar, he hopes to work with other Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

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