Video: Using Robots for Mining the Moon

Prof. Greg Baiden of Laurentian University and Penguin Automated Systems gave a talk titled, “Lunar Mining – Taking the Best of Terrestrial Mining and Fitting it to the Moon,” during the SSI Space Manufacturing 14 conference in October.

A full archive of videos is located here.

View the archive of PowerPoint presentations given during the conference here.

  • alex

    we should send real person to there. because we have like 7,000,000,000 on earth, and 0 on the moon. if 100 people needed to support 1 person on the moon for now, then that will create like 100s of thousands jobs here.

  • bg

    This is about half good. Robots should be used to mine, but asteroids, not the moon. It is indeed disconcerting to see a major figure of education and industry who does not understand the true make-up of the moon, and the dangers inherent in mining such a place…the moon is already very dangerous to us collectively because of its orbit, which is greatly perturbed. The experiments and explorations done by NASA indicate many things, but most of all this: the physical make-up of the moon is not what you think. Until you realize what you really are, and where you really are, you are just a hazard to Humanity. But you are not alone. You are legion, in fact.