Scaled Composites Conducts Another SpaceShipTwo Drop Test

SpaceShipTwo glides downward on its first test flight. (Photo: Mark Greenberg)

SpaceShipTwo had another drop test yesterday in Mojave, Calif. A flight summary follows:

Flight:WK2 Flight 45 / GF03
Date:17 Nov 10Flight Time:2 hr / 11 min, 39 sec
WK2 Pilot:StuckyWK2 CoPilot:AlsburyWK2 FTE: Morgan
SS2 Pilot:SieboldSS2 CoPilot:Nichols
GS Crew:Binnie, Persall, Knupp, Inks, Bassett, Y. Fuchs, Maisler, Verderame, Zeitlin

Clean release
Evaluate stability and control
Stall expansion
Expand flutter envelope
Aft CG expansion with water ballast tank
Pilot proficiency

All objectives achieved. Flew to a more aggressive stall indication. Expanded envelope to 246 KEAS and 3.5 g’s.