Pictures: Paragon’s Life Support System in Development

Paragon’s state-of-the-art ECLSS Human-Rating Facility (EHF) allows component and subsystem testing at flight pressure in a safe and cost effective manner in a laboratory environment. This facility, which predates the CCDev program, is being used for CCDev. (Credit: NASA)



Paragon Space Development Corporation (Paragon), a leader in designing and manufacturing spacecraft thermal control and life support systems, is developing the Commercial Crew Transport – Air Revitalization System (CCT-ARS) under its CCDev Space Act Agreement (SAA) with NASA. Paragon is developing the flight design through its Preliminary Design Review and manufacturing and testing a full-scale Engineering Development Unit (EDU) under the SAA.

The system provides the following primary life support functions for up to seven crew members:

1) carbon dioxide control;
2) humidity control;
3) cabin air temperature control;
4) trace contaminant control;
5) atmospheric post fire recovery;
6) cabin air filtration;
7) primary cabin air circulation.

With insight and guidance provided by NASA under the Space Act Agreement, Paragon’s CCT-ARS has been designed to be fully compliant with existing NASA Human Rating Requirements.

Manufacturing of key components of Paragon's Engineering Development Unit.


Paragon has already successfully completed three milestones on schedule and budget under the SAA (the Flight Requirements Review, System Design Review, and Preliminary Design Review). Two additional milestones will be completed under the SAA later this year:

1) CCTImage: Manufacturing of key components of the Engineering Development Unit ARS Engineering Development Unit (EDU) manufacturing completion, and

2) EDU integrated ground testing final report.

“In a unique, fast-paced partnership with NASA, Paragon is developing the key parts of a commercially available Environmental Control and Life Support System (ECLSS). Working with NASA, the system is being designed to meet the latest NASA Safety and Human Rating Standards while incorporating lessons learned from all of NASA’s past and current human spaceflight programs,” said Taber MacCallum, Chief Executive Officer of Paragon.