CCDev Third Quarter Report: Paragon’s Life Support System

Program: NASA Commercial Crew Development (CCDev)
Paragon Space Development Corporation
Project: Life Support System
Award: $.4 million

Third Quarter Progress Report
(July 1-Sept. 30, 2010)

The Flight Preliminary Design Review (PDR) was completed on schedule with zero SAA Milestone Action Items. Several actions and comments were recorded and will be completed or addressed by dates stated in the meeting minutes.

The final schedule for the Flight PDR was as follows:

  1. 7/16: Draft PDR document drop (along with Review Item Form)
  2. 7/19: Delivery of the SRR Action Item Closure Rationale.
  3. 7/23: Technical telecon and preliminary review
  4. 7/26: Review Items List returned to Paragon with comments
  5. 7/28 AM: SDR Action Item Review at Paragon’s Tucson Facility
  6. 7/28 PM: PDR Technical Review
  7. 7/29: PDR Technical Review continued
  8. 7/30: Morning – PDR Final Review
  9. 7/31: Meeting minutes and transmittal letter sent to NASA

Engineering Development Unit (EDU) – Humidity Control and CO2 control development testing has been completed. The EDU design was frozen in July, 2010 and the EDU Critical Design Review (CDR) and Manufacturing Readiness Review (MRR) were completed in September. Manufacturing of over 133 unique components is more than 80% complete and more than 100 COTs parts have been ordered and received. Assembly of EDU subsystems has been initiated.

Forward Work — Work continues in the next quarter to complete assembly and functional testing of the EDU subsystems. This will be followed by the EDU build complete milestone review which is scheduled for November 18, 2010. Test facility preparations will continue for the integrated test scheduled to begin in late November, 2010. The project will conclude in December, 2010 with the final project completion milestone. Overall project completion (measured as % completed) is 85%.