NASA Budget Resolution: Don’t Hold Your Breath

The Huntsville Times reports that resolution of NASA’s budget could drag well into next year after the seating of the new Congress:

Political observers say it could be February or even longer before NASA gets a budget to pay for the new space program Congress authorized in late September.

Chances are almost zero that the outgoing Congress will write a new FY 2011 federal budget when it convenes Nov. 15 in a lame duck session, according to former North Alabama Congressman Bud Cramer.

Cramer is now a Washington lobbyist and political consultant who heads Huntsville’s Second to None Initiative. That’s a committee formed by Mayor Tommy Battle to lobby for NASA’s role in Huntsville.

“The feeling is the leadership will not push for an omnibus spending bill in the lame duck,” Cramer said Wednesday by telephone from Washington.

The new Congress will include a Republican majority in the House that will bring several critics of the Obama Administration’s space policy to leadership roles. The Democrats retained control of the Senate, albeit with a smaller majority.

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