Human Spaceflight Not on Agenda as Roscosmos Head Perminov Visits China

A taikonaut emerges from China's Shenzhou 7 spacecraft after a successful orbital flight


There was no official proposal from the Chinese party on their partnership in the International Space Station program, Head of Roscosmos Human Spaceflight Directorate, ISS Program Manager Alexey Krasnov stated during the press conference devoted to the 10th anniversary of the International Space Station’s human space mission today, on Nov. 1.

The conference hosted by Bauman Moscow State Technical University was also attended by Roscosmos Press Secretary Alexander Vorobiev, ISS-1 crew member, GCTC Chief Sergey Krikalev, ISS RS Flight Director Vladimir Soloviev, cosmonaut Oleg Kotov, NASA Representative in Russia Patric Buzzard, NASA Human Spaceflight Program Director in Russia Joel Montalbano Moscow office.

Answering the question about possible Chinese participation in the ISS program, Krasnov said that China was planning to develop their own human spaceflight program, in line with their national priorities.

“While I am answering the question, Roscosmos delegation led by the Head Anatoly Perminov, is over there in China, holding negotiations on future joint space initiatives. However human space missions are not in the agenda,” Krasnov said.