Off to Spaceport America…

Hey everyone.

The ISPCS was finished just after 5 p.m. MT. A well organized conference with some excellent presentations, most notably a great keynote speech this morning by NASA Deputy Administrator Lori Garver. And more importantly, a lot of time for networking, which is probably more important than the sessions.

I did most of my notes for Thursday via my Twitter account @spacecom . There are some additional posts here on Parabolic Arc. I took a number of videos with conference attendees, some of which are already posted here and on my Parabolic Arc YouTube page.

Richard Branson has arrived in Las Cruces. He popped into the hotel bar with his son and entourage. Sir Richard was smiling and happy, as is his custom. the dedication of Spaceport America’s runway on Friday will be a major milestone on a very long road leading to commercial human spaceflight.

I’ll be out there covering it for my fine readers. WiFi at the site is apparently a bit iffy, so I’ll do my best to get the pictures and videos online as soon as possible. Should be much fun.