Bigelow Signs Up Six Countries for Commercial Space Stations

Robert Bigelow (right) stands before a model of his private space station. (Photo: Douglas Messier)

My colleague Leonard David reports the identities of the six nations that want to lease space aboard Bigelow Aerospace’s inflatable space stations:

The deals, in the form of memorandums of understanding, involve Japan, the Netherlands, Singapore, Sweden, Australia and the United Kingdom.

“These are countries that do not want to be hostage to just what the International Space Station may or may not deliver,” Bigelow told in an exclusive interview….

The memorandums have been signed with what Gold said the firm terms as “sovereign clients” – the result of a relatively modest effort to pulse “international astronautics opportunities” with countries large and small.

Bigelow said what they have found is a hunger by clients to do activities in space far beyond just microgravity experimentation.

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