Russia Recruits More Cosmonauts


On Oct. 12, Interagency Board chaired by Roscosmos Head Anatoly Perminov qualified Oleg Artemiev as test cosmonaut of RSC-Energia.  The Board also recommended to appoint Alexey Khomenchuk (GCTC), Denis Matveev (GCTC), Sergey Prokopiev (Aviation Corps) as cosmonaut candidates, and ordered GCTC to arrange their spaceflight training as test cosmonauts. RSC-Energia’s Sviatoslav Morozov and Ivan Vagner are also planned to go through the training as cosmonaut candidates.

GCTC Chief Sergey Krikalev offered to have an open contest to select new cosmonauts. He stated that not only GCTC and Energia shall provide their cosmonaut candidates, but also other companies of the industry, as well as science cities.

Roscosmos Head Anatoly Perminov reminded about the history, when the first cosmonauts had been selected from thousands of candidates from all Russia. “There are many worthy candidates in our country, but there are given no chance to become cosmonauts”, Roscosmos Head stated.

The Board decided to set up a sequence in the responsible authorities which is to take into account the remarks by Roscosmos Head, including development of the unified Cosmonaut Corps under GCTC.