Send Your CubeSat to the Moon for Only $1 Million

Sept. 30, 2010

Spaceflight Services (Spaceflight) announced today pricing for small payloads to Geosynchronous Transfer Orbit (GTO) and Low Lunar Orbit (LLO).

Spaceflight, as part of the Rocket City Space Pioneer Google Lunar X-Prize Team, is responsible for mission integration and providing space transportation services to Low Lunar Orbit.  Spaceflight is providing flight opportunities for ESPA class spacecraft (spacecraft weighing less than 180 kg) interested in launch services to GTO and Low Lunar Orbit.

The proposed mission, which is slated for Q4 2013 or Q1 2014, will deploy three ESPA payloads into a Geosynchronous Transfer Orbit and two additional payloads in a Low Lunar Orbit.  The mission is also open to smaller spacecraft looking for a low cost ride to either of these destinations.

Mission pricing for small payloads to GTO begins at $795,000 for a 3U CubeSat and up to $13,950,000 for a full ESPA spacecraft.  Mission pricing for transport to Low Lunar Orbit begins at $995,000 for a 3U CubeSat and up to $24,500,000 for a full ESPA.

Jason Andrews, President and CEO of Spaceflight Services, said, “The commercial rideshare approach Spaceflight offers provides truly revolutionary space access at significant savings compared to purchasing a dedicated vehicle.  This first commercial ‘rideshare’ mission to GTO and LLO provides an entirely new capability at a compelling price point.”

For a full list of pricing for CubeSats, NanoSats, MicroSats and ESPA spacecraft, please visit Spaceflight Services at

About Spaceflight Services:

Spaceflight Services was established in 2009 by Jason Andrews, President and CEO of Andrews Space, to revolutionize secondary payload flight services for fixed and deployable cargo and transport.  More information about Spaceflight Services and specific flight opportunities can be found on the company’s website: