Slow Progress on Developing Grand Strategy for Space Exploration

Common Exploration Plan will be Slow in the Making
Space News

The world’s principal space-faring nations, which have spent the past three years talking about a common exploration strategy, are committed to producing, by June, a document setting out specific measures to enable an international program to take shape, space agency representatives said Sept. 30.

Addressing the 61st International Astronautical Congress here, members of the 14-agency International Space Exploration Coordinating Group (ISECG) reported little concrete results from their three years’ labors.
They stressed that the mere fact the space agencies of the United States, China, Russia, India, Europe, Japan, South Korea and others are able to talk about exploration strategy with a view to coordinating efforts should be seen as a signal achievement.

In one of the few specific examples of what the group’s work could do, a Canadian official said the ISECG roadmap for a lunar-exploration program was used to shape the Canadian government’s recent decision to invest some $100 million over three years with a focus on robotic technologies.

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