House’s Vote Tomorrow Could Set NASA’s Future

Florida Today has a good summary of what the House will vote on tomorrow:

Under a suspension of ordinary House rules for debate and amendments, the bill would require a two-thirds majority for approval.

It could still be months later, during a “lame duck” session of Congress after mid-term elections, before appropriators supply the agency with a promised funding increase. The bills offer a total of $58.4 billion over three years, including $19 billion next year.

But House approval of an authorization act this week would finally establish a new direction for NASA’s human spaceflight program, adopting elements of controversial plans President Barack Obama proposed in February.

“What we need is an authorization bill so that come Friday, all the NASA managers know what to do,” Sen. Bill Nelson, a Florida Democrat, said Monday after speaking at a University of Central Florida space conference. “It’s my hope that between now and then, (House members are) going to be able to muster the votes.”

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