eBay Auctions of Zero G Flight With James Cameron Raise $30,000

Participants experience microgravity aboard a Zero-G Corporation parabolic flight. (PRNewsFoto/Zero Gravity Corporation, Al Powers)

Two eBay auctions for seats aboard a microgravity flight with “Avatar” director James Cameron have raised $30,000 for the X PRIZE Foundation.

An auction for a single seat was won by bidder 2***3 for $10,000. Meanwhile, bidder r***r won a pair of two tickets for the bargain price of $20,000.

I can only assume that the asterisks either preserve the bidders’ privacy or hide some types of obscene expletives like 2f****3 (a menage-a-cinq??!!!) or rf*****r (I have no idea!).

In any event, congratulations to the lucky winners! You have bid enough to cover James Cameron’s $4,950-plus-tax ticket more than five times over. You are following in the proud footsteps of the winner of the X Prize’s earlier Win a Flight into Space With a Celebrity auction, who bid enough to cover Peter Diamandis’ $200,000 suborbital ticket aboard Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo.

Cameron’s microgravity flight on ZERO G’s G-FORCE ONE Boeing 727 will take place from Van Nuys Airport in California on Saturday, Oct. 9, 2010. Diamandis is promising there will “alot of amazing VIPs on this flight.”