California Space Authority Seeks 6 New Board Members

TO: California Space Authority (CSA) Members
Andrea Seastrand, Executive Director
Janice Dunn, General Counsel
Request for Nomination of Candidates for Election to CSA Board of Directors

It is time once again to solicit candidates for nomination for the election of the CSA 2011 Board of Directors.  We are asking members to recruit candidates for election to the Board, keeping in mind that the person is elected as an individual, not as a representative of a specific organization, or business sector.

However, we are mandated by the CSA Bylaws to have a board of directors comprised of members from Industry, Labor, Academia, State/Local Government and Special Districts.  In addition, one-third of the elected members of the CSA Board of Directors are to be residents of northern California, one-third central California, and one-third southern California.

CSA members in good standing will be electing directors to six board positions that are to be filled this year: two each from the northern, central and southern California space regions. These positions shall all be for three-year terms.

We have compiled a package of background information for potential nominees to consider which includes:

  1. Basic Responsibilities of the CSA Board of Directors
  2. Individual Responsibilities of a CSA Board Member
  3. CSA Board of Directors’ Nomination Form (MS Word, PDF)
  4. Election of California Space Authority Directors

Please give this candidate nomination package to highly qualified individuals who will commit the time and personal dedication required to fulfill the duties of a CSA board member.  Please refer candidates to CSA’s website for additional information. Rememberyou can nominate yourself! Remember also – if you nominate someone other than yourself, you must have your nominee sign and complete the nomination form.

All candidates must complete the enclosed forms. Nominations must be received by CSA on or before close of business September 30, 2010.