Bob Richards Leaves as Odyssey Moon CEO

Bob Richards has departed as CEO of Odyssey Moon, the Google Lunar X Prize competitor which is competing to place a rover on the lunar surface.

Richards is no longer listed on the Odyssey Moon website. The reasons behind his departure from the Isle of Man-based company are not clear.

Reports indicate that Richards will continue to pursue a lunar lander project. An announcement is expected within the coming weeks.

  • because, three years later its announcement, the “””Google””” Lunar X Prize is FAILED

  • Phil Stooke

    You mean ‘after’? and ‘has’?

    Bob’s a pioneer, I wish him well. Interested to see what the new plans are. GLXP has not failed, it’s generated a lot of attention and interest and at least a few teams have a real chance of doing something up there. Others will learn a lot in the process. Only those who don’t try have failed.