Photos: Masten Space Systems’ Brutus Vehicle Under Construction

The lower section of Masten Space Systems' Brutus vehicle.

Masten Space Systems’ Ken Brown was kind enough to give me a tour of the company’s facility in Mojave on Saturday. Above is the first stage of the company’s Brutus vehicle, which will fly to an altitude of 100,000 feet beginning this Fall.

There was also a mock up of the vehicle’s mid-section…

A mockup of the middle section of Masten Space Systems' Brutus vehicle.

…a tank….

…a couple of engines…

Engines under development by Masten Space Systems.

…and an aeroshell mold.

An aeroshell mold at Masten Space Systems.

Masten’s current vehicle, Xombie, was displayed outside on the tarmac during the Plane Crazy Rockets R Us open house.

  • Brian Williams

    Go Masten! We are all in support of you making it to 100,000 ft. Good luck on working with FAA to get you guys there.