Does Merlin Have the Magic to Make Space Access Affordable?

SpaceX's Falcon 1 rocket

This week in The Space Review

Is the Merlin engine the workhorse of future spaceflight?
All eyes are on SpaceX as it seeks to lower the cost of space access and open up new markets. Stewart Money argues that the company’s most important innovation may not be its launch vehicles or spacecraft but a rocket engine that could be for space what another engine was for the automotive industry.

A tale of two museums
The quest to land one of the space shuttles upon their retirement continues, pitting museums across the country against once another. Jeff Foust pays a visit to a pair of Ohio museums, one a leading candidate for a shuttle and one simply struggling to stay alive.

Can the UK aerospace base drive human space efforts forward?
The UK is reconsidering its approach to space exploration with a new government and the formation of a space agency. Andrew Weston examines how the country’s rich aerospace heritage might provide the support for a reinvigorated space program.

Review: Packing for Mars
Human spaceflight involves dealing with a wide range of physiological and psychological issues, some of which can be a little, well, delicate. Jeff Foust reviews a book that doesn’t shy away from discussing these topics, and even puts an entertaining spin on them.