Whitehorn: British Airways “Dirty Tricks” Pushed Virgin Group to Explore Space

BA “dirty tricks” pushed Virgin into space – Whitehorn

Virgin’s latest plans to push travellers into space was the direct result of what Virgin Galactic president Will Whitehorn calls Brtish Airways “dirty tricks” campaign of 1993.

Speaking exclusively to MeetTheBoss.tv in London, Whitehorn said the actions of the airline immediately inspired Virgin to seek innovations – like space travel and the start of a new brand – Virgin Galactic…

The first of these issues came during British Airways’s (BA) dirty tricks campaign back in 1993, which saw BA attempting to monopolise the airline industry with BA employees poaching Virgin customers and tampering with confidential company files. Remembering that time, Whitehorn explains ‘the ludicrousness of the way they acted’….

Innovation isn’t just at the heart of the Virgin brand, it’s the thing that sparks inspiration, drives product and forges careers. “What we’re doing with Virgin Galactic is using interesting, modern aviation technologies, which we have taken into the space arena. Stephen Murphy, the CEO of Virgin Group, said as we took this project on, ‘I think you’ve got a really good market for this. I believe you will sell the tickets.’ And he’s been proved right about that.

“The thing that worries him and other colleagues was could we get the technology to work? And of course it’s the trust in the Virgin name, which leads people to be prepared to put down the deposits, which has really led people to stick with us. I mean, we’ve had an incredibly loyal team internally who have stuck with this project, who are doing this not just because we want to do it and because we believe it’s really important for the industry.”

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