ULA Joins Commercial Spaceflight Federation


The Commercial Spaceflight Federation is pleased to announce that United Launch Alliance of Denver, Colorado has joined the Federation as an Executive Member. United Launch Alliance operates the Atlas V, Delta II, and Delta IV launch vehicles.

Michael C. Gass, President and CEO of United Launch Alliance, stated, “United Launch Alliance has close business relationships with many members of the Commercial Spaceflight Federation, including Bigelow Aerospace, Sierra Nevada Corporation, Space Florida, and XCOR Aerospace. Additionally, ULA is a funded participant in NASA’s Commercial Crew Development Program. So joining the Commercial Spaceflight Federation is a natural fit for us, and we are proud to do so.”

Gass added, “United Launch Alliance is excited to offer our proven Atlas V and Delta IV launch vehicles to potential commercial crew providers, many of whom are members of the Commercial Spaceflight Federation. We look forward to the day when astronauts are flying to low Earth orbit onboard commercial vehicles such as Atlas and Delta. And the track record of success for Atlas V and Delta IV shows that commercial spaceflight can and will be conducted safely.”

Mark Sirangelo, Chairman of the Commercial Spaceflight Federation, commented, “It is a pleasure to welcome United Launch Alliance to the fast growing membership of the Commercial Spaceflight Federation. ULA is innovative and entrepreneurially minded and we are proud to work with ULA to achieve our common goals. We look forward to a productive partnership with CEO Michael Gass and his entire team.”

Bretton Alexander, President of the Commercial Spaceflight Federation, added, “With the addition of United Launch Alliance and its nearly 4,000 employees to the Commercial Spaceflight Federation, the Federation now includes America’s most experienced launch services providers. United Launch Alliance and its heritage companies have been trusted by the U.S. government to deliver the Nation’s most-critical national security payloads to orbit for more than 50 years. The proven Atlas and Delta launch systems have an important role to play in providing commercial crew transportation for NASA and other customers.”

Alexander concluded, “With the addition of both United Launch Alliance and Bigelow Aerospace this month, the Federation is even more strongly dedicated to our shared goal of a robust space economy, creating jobs here on Earth and new opportunities in space.”