California Space Authority Promotes Closer Educational Ties With French Aerospace Valley


As a life-sized Arianne 5 Rocket loomed overhead, and space enthusiasts explored replicas of the Mir Space Station and Soyuz, the Toulouse Space Show ramped up the inspiration level with an evening gala at the nearby Cite de l’Espace. Motivated by the scientific energy of the venue, Andrea Seastrand, Executive Director of the California Space Authority (CSA), delivered a rousing address which tied the educational experiences offered through the Cite de l”Espace to the vision that is the California Space Center (CSC).

“I am excited to see firsthand the inspirational Cite de l’Espace,” stated Mrs. Seastrand. “Both the French Aerospace Valley and California face similar challenges with respect to workforce preparedness and space-related entrepreneurial development. The Cite de l”Espace and the California Space Center have at the core of their mission the goal of motivating young people to excel in space enterprise and encouraging those already within the industry to reach for and extend their creative potential. All of us recognize the importance of nurturing the next generation of space-industry leaders and visionaries.”

Mrs. Seastrand also reminded the 500 guests that California is a fun place to visit as well as to conduct business and she encouraged them to consider locating offices at the CSC Mission Support Center, which will be designed to incubate new space-related ventures and house existing space enterprise businesses.

The California Space Center is a multi-faceted, multi-year project that will offer space-related educational facilities and entertainment and cultural exhibits. Located on 71 acres of Vandenberg Air Force Base, and fronting Highway 1 in Santa Barbara County, the planned facility will include approximately 500,000 square feet of buildings when fully developed.

The Cite de l’Espace, is an educational center oriented towards space and the conquest of space. It was inaugurated in June 1997 and is situated on the eastern outskirts of Toulouse, France.