Russia Moves Forward With New Spaceport in the Far East

June 17, 2010

Representatives of Roscosmos, companies of the industry, Russian Construction Ministry and other authorities and companies arrived at Arum region to take part in the public hearing in the city of Uglegorsk, which had been picked as a place for the future Russian space port Vostochny.

The hearing will cover several major topics. Among them, there are: development of the Vostochny support infrastructure, environmental impact of the rocket launches, land usage, etc. The hearing is to take place tomorrow.

Today, on June 16, Vostochny construction minister K. Chmarov and representatives of local environmental control and other authorities discussed engineering research efforts to be carried out this year under the project.

In addition to the public hearing, the experts from Moscow will also deal with the set of objectives aimed at future design of the space port linear infrastructure in 2010. In addition, it is necessary to define the order of transferring lands to Roscosmos.

Somewhat 300 sites have been selected for the space port, including the launch pads and small buildings. Together with the mapping for Vostochny, the pre-design stage is considered completed. Now design documents are to be prepared and submitted to Russian Construction Ministry for further construction. Russian Federal Space Program implies investments of 14 billion rubles, effective 2012.

The main task of this year is to design simple linear objects, including power lines, automobile road and railways.
Roscosmos Head Anatoly Perminov stated earlier that the maiden launch from Vostochny would take place in 2015, with a human space launch to occur in 2018.

Editor’s Note: The date for human space flights seems to have slipped. Earlier reports had it occurring in 2017.