MiniSpaceWorld Competition Challenges Designers to Remake the Moon


The MiniSpaceWorld (MSW) is a global design contest open to everyone. The themes covered by MSW are extremely rich and vivid, with billions of lovely facets: this is without doubt true also for our closest celestial companion – our Moon, which is the topic of the 2010 Design Contest – “MoonDreams”.

How would you imagine a 150-200 m2 scale model layout surface – in 1:100 or 1:87, the H0 Standard of model railways, scale – of the fascinating world of our neighbor companion, the Moon? The participating teams are asked to prepare their ideas about a Moon focused exhibit hall of MSW. The themes of the design are free to choose: they can feature historical missions like the Apollo flights or the Lunokhod, imagine first permanent colonies, show a complete “Moon city” with all the necessary facilities, or present future activities like regolith processing and mining of various minerals. The three MSW awards and the MSW Community’s Prize will be given to the winners at a dedicated award ceremony in Budapest, Hungary.

The contest is open for participants from all over the world. Teams may be 1 to 6 people large and any participant can be in multiple teams. The language of the contest is English. Registration at the MSW-Website is necessary for participation. Deadline for the submission is the 30th September 2010.

Please find more information on the attached press release of the competition (you can also access it at