Space Review Looks at the Potential and Challenges of Commercial Space

Artist's conception of Orbital Sciences Corporation's Cygnus freighter approaching the International Space Station.

Twin hurdles for commercial human spaceflight
One of hottest areas of debate about the president’s new vision for NASA is its reliance on commercial providers to transport crews to low Earth orbit. Jeff Foust describes the debate about the capabilities of companies to do so safely, and the commercial viability of such ventures.

The view from Austin on commercial space

What are the prospects for greater commercial use of space in the years to come? Jonathan Coopersmith reports on a recent conference in Texas that examined that issue.

Don’t know much about history: setting the record straight on Rocket Men
A book last year provided a fresh look at the race to the Moon, but one that was not with problems. Thomas Frieling examines the problems with the book Rocket Men and the reviews that failed to detect them.

Dealing with Galaxy 15: Zombiesats and on-orbit servicing
A solar storm last month turned a mild-mannered communications satellite into a rogue spacecraft drifting through the GEO belt and threatening to disrupt operations of other satellites there. Brian Weeden reviews the current situation involving Galaxy 15 and its implications for on-orbit servicing and related policy issues.

Flight of a feather: the QUILL radar satellite

Until a few years ago little was known about a secret 1960s mission known as QUILL. Dwayne Day describes the insights a new book provides on a radar satellite two decades ahead of its time.