Mars500 Crew Includes 4 Russians, 2 Europeans and 1 Chinese

Mars500 habitat

Russia announces participants in Mars flight simulation mission
RIA Novosti

The names of the participants in a 520-day simulation of an expedition to Mars were announced on Tuesday.

The list of participants includes two Russian engineers, 37-year-old Mikhail Sidelnikov and 38-year-old Alexei Sitev, Russian surgeon Sukhrob Kamolov, 32 and Russian general practitioner Alexander Smolevsky, 33, as well as Italian Diego Urbina, 27, China’s Wang Yue, 27, and 31-year-old Roman Charles from France.

Six main participants plus one reserve will take part in the experiment in the Mars-500 module, which will simulate all aspects of a journey to the Red Planet, with a 250-day outward trip, a 30-day stay on its surface, and a 240-day return flight.

The reserve has not yet been named.

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