Space Access 10: Jane Poynter of Paragon SDC

Jane Poynter
Paragon Space Development Corporation
Tucson, Arizona

  • Founded the company 15 years ago with future husband Taber MacCallum while both were living inside of Biosphere 2
  • Focuses heavily on life support systems
  • Main headquarters in Tucson, Arizona


  • Working on life support for Constellation program
  • Funding from NASA for life support systems earlier this year as part of commercial crew project – Air Revitalization System designed for anyone who wants to fly into space…
  • Working with most of the vehicle providers to make it modular enough and flexible enough to fly on almost any vehicle going to LEO
  • Collaborated with Bigelow Aerospace space station prototypes
  • Life support for Excalibur Almaz space station
  • Building a new NASA spacesuit in cooperation with Oceaneering
  • Adapted spacesuit technology for Navy dive suit that allows divers to go into polluted water
  • Working with Odyssey Moon to send greenhouse to the moon
  • Working on inflatable structures for future space exploration…
  • Designing system to generate oxygen from lunar regolith that also removes contaminants…

Details on Lunar Greenhouse

  • Greenhouse originally designed for a Mars flight that was never launched
  • Using mustard seeds because they can germinate during the two-week lunar day
  • Hope the seeds sprout up again after the lunar night is over