Pentagon Report: Space Becoming More Crowded, Level Playing Field

Report: Space playing field becoming more level
Air Force Times

While the United States has enjoyed its position at the top of the space industry for decades, U.S. policymakers are now going to have to contend with a much more crowded and level playing field in space, according to the Pentagon’s interim Space Posture Review that was sent to Congress in early March.

“An increasingly congested and contested environment threatens both U.S systems and the ability of the global community to access and use space,” says the report, a copy of which was obtained by Defense News. “Increasing competition in the global marketplace and increasing global expertise in fielding space capabilities also challenge the historical advantages of the U.S. industrial base.”

Dozens of nations and private firms have developed space capabilities while nations with existing space programs — such as China, which has shot down a satellite — are increasingly militarizing the domain, the report warns.

In addition to this, nine new nations, including Iran and North Korea, as well as several private companies are close to fielding their own launch systems, according to the report.

“Given the interchangeability of space launch vehicle (SLV) and ballistic missile technology, this highlights the national security concern with the proliferation of space access technology and some nations, under the guise of SLV programs, developing increasingly longer-range missile systems inherently capable of delivering WMD,” reads the report.

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