UK Launches Space Agency

UK Space Agency launches in Swindon with Minister of Outer Space, Lord Mandelson
The Times

The new UK Space Agency (UKSA) will manage all the Government’s activities in civilian spaceflight, with the goal of transforming the sector into an economic powerhouse worth £40 billion a year by 2030.

The British version of Nasa aims to end fragmented responsibility for space policy, which is split between several Whitehall departments and science funding agencies, and develop a coherent strategy.

Many scientists and space industry leaders have blamed this patchwork structure for holding up the sector’s growth, while creating a false impression that Britain is a second-rate player in space.

Lord Mandelson, who said he was speaking in his capacity as “Secretary of State for Outer Space” or “Space Mandy”, said the new body would be a focal point for an industry that already contributes £6 billion to the economy and supports 68,000 jobs.

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