ZERO-G Brings Microgravity to the Nation’s Capital

Experience weightlessness through ZERO-G in Washington DC on April 3. (PRNewsFoto/Zero Gravity Corporation, Al Powers)

Ah, springtime in Washington.

The sun is shining. Cherry blossoms are blooming. And the Nats are losing.

Now we can add one more thing to spring in the big D.C.: rich people floating.

If you’ve got $5K to spare, you can experience microgravity aboard Zero-G specially outfitted 727, G-FORCE ONE, on April 3. The company will fly parabolic flights out of Washington Dulles International Airport on that day.

ZERO-G guests will receive:

  • Pre-flight training to maximize their ZERO-G Experience
  • Private transportation to/from Dulles Airport
  • ZERO-G flight suit and patch
  • Personal photography by a world-class photographer
  • Post-flight re-gravitation party
  • Weightless flight award certificate
  • Branded ZERO-G gifts
  • The chance to experience the rare and exalted state of weightlessness

ZERO-G flights are priced at $4,950 per seat plus tax.

For reservations, visit