Chang-Diaz Sees VASIMR as Boosting Costa Rican Space Industry

Former Astronaut Chang Said Costa Rican Should Insert Itself In Aerospace Development
Inside Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s own former NASA astronaut, Franklin Chang-Diaz, feels that Costa Rican businesses should take advantage of the aerospace technology that is ripe for local businesses to be involved in a field with enormous possibilities.

Chang said that now is the time to take advantage of the success of the plasma engine that was developed in Costa Rica at his AdAstra laboratory in Liberia and soon will be launched into space.

Chang’s hopes that the plasma engine will boost commercial aircraft into higher orbits, stabilize space stations and then power the trip to Mars.

The possibilities of the project for Costa Rican companies are endless. One of those businesses, said Chang, would be maintenance of the space station and the hundreds of satellites currently orbiting the earth.

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