Completion of Chinese Wenchang Spaceport Slips to 2014

China’s fourth space center to be completed by 2015
RIA Novosti

China’s fourth space center, Wenchang, will be put into service between 2014 and 2015, not in 2013 as it was previously announced, the CCTV channel reported on Tuesday.

Located in a forest of coconut palms on the northeast coast of the Hainan tropical island, Wenchang will be the country’s first low-latitude space center. Its latitude of only 19 degrees north of the equator will contribute to lower fuel consumption and maximum payload.

“The construction of the fourth space center, Wenchang, is ongoing. China’s first low-latitude space center will be commissioned in 2014-2015,” CCTV quoted a local government official as saying.

The life span of a satellite launched from Wenchang will be up to three years longer as more fuel will be saved during a shorter maneuver from the transit orbit to the geosynchronous orbit.

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