Dubai Conference Looks at Promise, Risks of Space Tourism

XCOR's Lynx suborbital vehicle

Dubai Conference Seeks Investors in Space Tourism
ABC News

Space travel could get a boost from a meeting of the minds and wallets in Dubai this week when the World Space Risk Forum brings together companies, insurance firms, and financiers interested in underwriting privately-funded trips into orbit.

The consensus, said the forum organizers, is that space travel could be viable within the next two to three years.

“Space tourism is coming,” said conference head Laurent Lemaire, who pointed to the “shift from governmental to private sector” in advancing space travel. His company, Elseco Limited, insures against space risk, damage that ranges from technical malfunctions to mid-air collisions with space junk…

‘You’re going to be sick, you’re going to be shaken, it’s not going to be pleasant. But when you stop in the silence and see the earth from above, it’s probably something that’s deeply fulfilling,’ said Lemaire.

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