Senators Mikulski and Nelson Craft a Response to Obama’s NASA Plan

Florida Senator Bill Nelson

Mikulski slips Nelson a note on NASA
Orlando Sentinel

Earlier this week, Sen. Barbara Mikulski of Maryland sent a two-page letter to Sen. Bill Nelson of Florida that attempts to outline her vision for NASA and notes that it is “more important than ever” that the two lawmakers “work on consultation” to consider the White House plan to blast future NASA astronauts into space aboard commercial rockets.

“Our human spaceflight program needs a destination. Since NASA’s creation, it has been a mission-driven agency, and I believe having a clear direction and destination has contributed to NASA’s many successes,” notes Mikulski.

She does not opine on Obama’s decision to scrap Constellation for commercial rockets, other than to note that the station “should be re-supplied with cargo by commercial vehicles.” She makes no note of the possibility of commercial companies launching humans to low-Earth orbit.

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