Florida Gov. Crist Slams Obama’s NASA Budget Plan

Florida Gov. Charlie Crist

February 17, 2010

The Charlie Crist for U.S. Senate campaign today released the following statement from Gov. Crist in light of today’s announcement that President Obama will be making phone calls to NASA astronauts working on the International Space Station:

“When it comes to NASA and our nation’s space exploration programs, President Obama needs to provide more than just a photo-op to ensure that America remains a leader in space innovation.

“While it is great that the President is reaching out to those astronauts working on the International Space Station today, phone calls do not make up for the President’s disappointing decision to end NASA’s Constellation program.  By cutting this program, President Obama is putting an end to significant investment in moon exploration and costing Florida’s Space Coast thousands of jobs.

“As middle school students from Miami join the President today for this event, I sincerely hope that he provides our students with more than just rhetoric on this issue and re-affirms his commitment to all NASA programs.”


Governor Crist’s Support Of Florida’s Space Programs

  • Governor Crist will hold a statewide Space Summit on February 18th, 2010 to identify ways to grow Florida’s Space Coast economy.
  • In response to the federal policy decision to end the space shuttle program and to initiate new human space exploration missions beyond earth’s orbit, Governor Charlie Crist proposed $32.6 million to help build the commercial space business in Florida.
  • Governor Crist proposed $20 million to Space Florida to fund business recruitment activities, including the following:
    • Financing for Space Industry Jobs Retention and Business Expansion – $10 million for an internal source of financing and investment funds to provide additional opportunities for expanding space businesses and to establish sustained industry growth.
    • Expanded Space Business Services – $3 million to provide assistance to emerging space businesses pursuing opportunities in Florida.
    • Workforce Development Assistance – $3.2 million to provide support to workforce development programs and technical training initiatives.