Vanderbilt: New Space Policy Promising

Henry Vanderbilt of the Space Access Society is encouraged by what he is hearing out of Washington these days:

The new White House NASA space exploration policy looks as promising as anything we’ve seen come from those quarters for a long time. Passing responsibility for basic space access to the US commercial sector while refocusing NASA on developing the technology for future deep-space exploration has potential to radically reduce the costs of both basic access and deep exploration, vastly expanding our future exploration and development possibilities.

But it’s a long way from a promising new policy to a successful program. First, the Congress gets to decide what will and will not actually get funded on a year-by-year basis. Then, NASA has to execute whatever program emerges from Congress, one year at a time. A lot can go wrong at every step of the way. We will be watching this process closely. Stay tuned for new Space Access Updates in the coming months.

The Space Access ’10 Conference is scheduled for April 8-10 in Phoenix. There are more details here.