NASA HSF: What the Frak is Going On?

Back in the day (which I think was only last year ago), the SyFy Channel (then known as SciFi) would produce short video recaps updating its perpetually perplexed viewers on the latest developments in its maddeningly complex space drama, “Battlestar Galactica.”

The recaps were titled “Battlestar Galactica: What the Frak is Going On?” Frak being the alien equivalent of a four-letter English that can’t be used on basic cable. Why was it OK to show people getting blown to bits but not cursing? Who knows? But, I digress…

In this spirit, I would like to briefly explain what I believe is going on with Obama’s proposed human spaceflight policy, “Galatica” style.

“NASA HSF: What the Frak is Going On?”

Ares is completely fraked up. It’s too expensive and will take forever.

Moon landing in 2020: No fraking chance. (See above)

COTS is working. By the end of next year, we could have two viable commercial ISS cargo options. That’s pretty fraking cool.

Expand COTS. And our options at least double. Falcon 9, Taurus II, Atlas V and Delta IV for boosters. Cynus, Dragon, Dream Chaser and the Boeing/Bigelow capsule for transports.

Safety Issues. Manageable. We know what it will take to human-rating Atlas V and Delta IV. We evaluate Taurus II and Falcon 9 as they fly. And we’ve got enough expertise in this country to build a fraking space capsule.

Let’s get the frak out of LEO. The only thing standing between Robert Bigelow and his commercial space station is affordable transport. Solve that problem, LEO gets privatized, and we’re off to the moon. How fraking awesome would that be?