Next Giant Leap Adds PerspectX to Team


Next Giant Leap, a space exploration company competing for the Google Lunar X Prize has officially announced the addition of PerspectX to their team. PerspectX specializes in advanced visualization, ranging from storyboarding, to Industrial pre-visualization, digital effects, animation, and interactive software development, primarily for clients in Aerospace, Technology, and Entertainment.

Based in Ogden, Utah, PerspectX is dedicated to the ideal of producing high quality products and services to aid pre-visualization and post production business. They produce 3D digital models, textures, scenes, and tools to aid development in popular 3D applications such as Autodesk Maya, Discreet 3DS Max, NewTek Lightwave, SoftImage XSI, and others.

“We’re excited to be working with Next Giant Leap. This is an exciting opportunity for us to help visualize the mission and hopefully enhance Next Giant Leap’s opportunity to win.”, says PerspectX’s president Rex McDonald. He also adds, “For a long time we have been interested in space mission product development for education and entertainment, this is a foray into this industry for us.”

“Communicating our concepts to the public and to potential sponsors is a difficult challenge. PerspectX’s ability to create interesting and informative mission animations will be a tremendous boost” said CEO of Next Giant Leap, Michael Joyce. “I am eager to begin working with Rex and the PerspectX team.”